Interviewers Training procedures

The roles of the interviewer is critical in obtaining accurate and reliable survey data.  Consequently, interviewers working on each  of the Research Matrix Limited studies are carefully trained in all the nuances of the questionnaire administration and monitored throughout the interviewing period to assure uniform practices.  The following measures are employed to assure high quality and uniform interviewing practices:

  • All interviewers working are required to complete an interviewer training course, which will provide both general and specific interviewing instructions, refresher reviews and “On-Field monitoring.

  • At the conclusion of their training, interviewers conduct mock interviews, and their performance is evaluated by Field’s professional interviewing supervisors.

  • Before the start of data collection for all projects, all interviewers working on the study are required to attend a briefing session where the interviewing procedures are described in detail by the Study Manager/Director.  This session provides both interviewers and supervisors with an overview of the study and includes a question by question review of all items in the survey.  The session also discusses recommended best practice approaches for dealing with different interviewing situations, documenting the results of contact attempts, scheduling of callbacks and confidentiality requirements.

  • Debriefings and retraining sessions are held as necessary to be sure that all interviewers are following consistent procedures.  The performance of each member of the interviewing team is  closely monitored and evaluated especially during the first few days of interviewing.